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Revolutionizing aquaculture with deep technology for food safety


Our story originates from the concern of farmers losing a big chunk of their saving in aqua feed, which amounts upto 60-80% of the overall cost per year, whereas there is surely an imbalance in this equation and it is a collapsing business model from many farmers in SEA. With solution for feed  optimization we are saving 15-20% of the feed by carefully applying our advanced sensors and AI driven algorithms to manage a sustainable aquaculture farm.

Why Us?

At Poseidon-AI, we target the world food sustainability by revolutionizing the aquaculture industry. We are giving the much awaited power of modern technology right in the hands of farmers and we look forward to more farmers flourishing in aquaculture around the world.


Farmers provide us food and we are their keepers, we meet , we feel and we connect to their pain.

We are a team passionate to make farmer life better in Aquaculture.

Amaj Rahimi Midani

Founder & CEO


Laura Hu

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Laura has managed many engineers over the last 5 years. She has experience in DFMA, ODM and OEM as well as expertise in 3D modelling and CNC programming.

Feed Optimization

Expand your business with Poseidon-AI expertise by adding more species in your Aquaculture farm with confidence.

We know you are wasting nearly 20% on feed per year on fish, can it be optimized? Explore comprehensive and customized solution for your Aquaculture species with us

Sensing & Monitoring

Seamless water sensing with our highly integrated wireless sensors to give you freedom to monitor and operate your farm from anywhere in the world.

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Dr.Midani is specialized in aquaculture. He conducted multiple projects around the world and has extensive experience working for various UN entities such as IAEA, FAO & UNIDO



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Nell Du

Head of Engineering

Nell is a full stack hardware engineer with experiences in bringing products from its early R&D phase to the finish line of manufacturing